The Links had a first on Monday at Pattana when we had a plus one handicapper coming in with a 6 under par and only claiming 3rd spot on the podium. Brendan McGovern has been away from The Links for a while but came back to return one of, if not the best ever, gross rounds ever recorded by a Links golfer.

                42 golfers took on the challenge of courses A & B at Pattana on a glorious day weather wise with a strong breeze adding to the challenges. With the course drying out, there was plenty of run to be had and although there were some challenging pin positions, the ball was running true on the greens.

                We had 2 flights for the event with the splits being 0-19 and 20+. All told there were 7 rounds in the 40s with 5 of them coming from Flight A. It was recently returned Mike Ehlert who headed the list with 42 points. Playing off a handicap of 9, his points equated to a round of 3 over par. Kevin Trimbill won his first ever Green Jacket last week and was leader in the club house with 41 points for a long time. Kevin just shaded Brendan on a better back 9. The last podium place for Flight A went to Petur Pettursson with 40 points. A special mention should go to Chris Barker who also had 40 points and never got a place on the podium losing out to Petur on a count back.

In Flight B, it was Micheal Olah who topped the list with 41 points. He was followed by Tony Browne who returned 40 despite wiping the 1st and 10th holes.



1st Place                Mike Ehlert – 42

2nd Place               Kevin Trimbill – 41 c/b

3rd Place               Brendan McGovern – 41

4th Place               Petur Petursson – 40 c/b


1st Place                Michael Olah – 41

2nd Place               Tony Browne – 40

3rd Place               Jae Yeon Hyun – 39

4th Place               Mogens Melander – 38

Near Pin A3        Petur Petursson

Near Pin A8        Brendan McGovern

Near Pin B3         Lee Baker

Near Pin B7         Mike Chapman

BF9 NW                Chris Barker – 25

BB9 NW                Livio Marrone – 20