Green Jacket winner Mike flanked by Billy with the silly hat for miscalculating numbers for the buses and Colin with the wig for his total of 17 points.

It was Mike Ehlert who triumphed at Pattavia on a day where no one in our 5 groups broke par. Mike and Wayne Peppernell were tied on 35 points with Mike winning on the count back. George Mueller claimed 3rd spot with 34 followed by Nigel Henson on 33.

The reports from the golfers were that Pattavia was in excellent condition despite all the rain in the last few weeks. Pattavia has always been famous, or maybe infamous, for its very fast greens but today, although still pacey, the ball wasn’t running so fast on the greens.

With thunder rumbling away in the background, our first group raced round in 3 hours 45 minutes. Thankfully the rain never materialized and all our groups got round dry.


1st Place Mike Ehlert – 35 c/b

2nd Place Wayne Peppernell – 35

3rd Place George Mueller – 34

4th Place Nigel Henson -33

BF 9 NW Jaime Booterbaugh – 19

BB 9 NW Russell Birtwistle – 17 c/b