Is it a golfer or a Mafia don?

The Links took 38 players to Pleasant Valley on what was a holiday to honour the late Kings birthday. We were originally given a 11.00 a.m. tee off time which Pleasant Valley tried to change to midday when we arrived. They were left under no illusion that this was not acceptable and eventually relented to give us our 11.00 time. On the positive side, they did give us a 2 tee start. The downside was the amount of 5 and 6 ball groups that were on the course. There were unconfirmed reports that there was even a 9 ball on the course.

It should be said that the course was generally in good condition with tricky greens and the scores that were coming in seemed to indicate that it was playing well. Last week, JP Gasser had a hole in one at Green Valley. This week, the 80 year old Swiss French player shot a gross 77. This is the 3rd time that JP has shot under his age in the last 12 months. However, his 40 points was only good enough for 4th place. Phil Ashton and John ONeill also came in with 40 points to claim 2nd and 3rd place respectively. The runaway winner was Frenchman Michel Deletraz who came in with an astonishing 44 points.


1st Place Michel Deletraz (15) – 44

2nd Place Phil Ashton (9) – 40 c/b

3rd Place John ONeill (20) – 40 c/b

4th Place JP Gasser (9) – 40

5th Place Alan Humphries (20) – 39

6th Place Grant Pride (7) – 38 c/b

Near Pin 05 – Kevin McEntee

Near Pin 08 – JP Gasser

Near Pin 13 – Gary Casson

Near Pin 17 – Michel Deletraz

BF9 NW Russell Birtwistle 22

BB9 NW Chris Pastal 23