The Links took 44 golfers to Emerald for their first tournament of 2023 but unfortunately, all did not go to plan despite assurances from the course management at 07.30. The last time we played we had to share carts and caddies but were promised that there would be no such issues this time round. Suffice to say, all our golfers had to share carts with one caddy dedicated to 2 golfers.

Emerald has a fantastic lay out and is a good test of golf but the course is in a very tired condition and desperately needs some TLC. Despite the heavy workload the caddies were under they all seemed to cope well and we heard no complaints from the golfers.

As for the golf, the first Green Jacket winner of the year was Mai who returned 39 points and also won 2 near pins. Mai represented B Flight and runner up was her partner George who had 36 points. A Flight, which was for golfers 0-15, was won by Selwyn Yates with 37 points.


Flight A (0-15)

1st Place Selwyn Yates (9) – 37

2nd Place Francis Goyons (12) – 35

3rd Place Andy Kelleher (12) – 34

4th Place Raphael Granges (13) – 33 c/b

Flight B (16+)

1st Place Mai (22) – 39

2nd Place George Mueller (18) – 36

3rd Place Ray Banks (17) – 33 c/b

4th Place Steve Baker (22) – 33

Near Pin 05 Mai

Near Pin 07 Mai

Near Pin 13 Neil Palmer

Near in 15 Craig Sims

Best Front 9 NW Lode Schlingmann 19 c/b

Best Back 9 NW Walter Gossner 20