Links Golf Society……….Royal Lakeside……..…Mon..May 25………S/ford

Few in Number – Feeling Like Millionaires


This Monday morning was overcast and relatively cooler as golfers readied themselves for the trip to Royal Lakeside Golf Club. The talk and hope was that the weather would be the same at the course.

The good news is that it was slightly more overcast and stayed that way for the round and, although it did give a big hint of rain, it never came.

Adding to the pleasurable day was that the golf course was all but empty, so our thirteen players had some millionaire’s golf again. We have said before that we enjoy it that way, but know full well that the Golf Clubs want/need many more players on the course.

The first of our four groups teed off 30 minutes earlier than scheduled and made good time on a course in top class condition.

Royal Lakeside fairways are cut so that the ball sits up and makes it easier to get good contact. The greens here are always running nicely and true, so these conditions get us plenty of high stableford scores.

Even though we had no competition, there were some good scores from the cards that were turned in with Lawrie McBride, wishing it was a comp, having a handy 40 points. John Harrison and Bill Copeland both did well with 38 points apiece.

Some groups played the round in good time, but there were a couple of groups that took a little longer, but all enjoyed being on a terrific course.

To top off a pleasant day out, the lockers and showers were available and welcome, and now, it seems, most courses are re instating these facilities.

Some reckon the trip to Royal lakeside is too long but once you tap your first ball on those big, roomy, nicely maintained practice greens you know you are in for a nice day.

Photo: Did he chip in?