Links Golf Society…..Pattavia……….Wed……..May 13……..S/ford

Oh No! Not Again


Thunder claps first and then pouring rain came tumbling down but, unlike two days ago, our last group had just walked from the 18th green as the heavens opened.

Heavy rain also for most of the drive back to Pattaya but, you guessed it, completely dry here in the city.

Each course we have visited so far has had a slightly different approach to the checking and signing in currently required, although all are following the rules.

Pattavia, rather than all in one place, had tables in three separate locations where all testing and paperwork was done before entering the green fees office. Good idea to avoid congestion and to maintain social distancing.

Speaking of green fees, it was nice to have the weekday price of 1350 all in.

The course is in very good condition and nobody was complaining that the greens were a little slower than normal, a bit of a relief, even.

The weather is still hot, before and after the rain, and did affect some players, even though they were riding in carts, but all finished the round and happy to get through the eighteen holes on a good course, and stay dry.

Twenty players came out today and we managed to fit everyone into cars, so no bus required. Game over and it was on the road back very early, once again.

Phil is starting to feel optimistic about playing competition again soon, but all will depend on the Govt and the Bar being allowed to open, with whatever restrictions there may/will be, here’s hoping.

We love the rain and the weather did as asked, that is to wait until we finish our round of golf, then fill those dams.