Links Golf Society………..Laem Chabang…A+B………..Mon…Jun.1……..S/ford

A  Magic Carpet Ride


We are searching for the right superlatives to describe the current condition of the A and B nines at Laem Chabang Golf Course.

A number of our players described it as looking like a well laid green carpet and felt like playing from a carpet while the greens, also, are in very best condition, making putting a pleasure.

Due to recent rains, carts were allowed on paths only as, even as nice as the fairways looked, there was virtually no run, making the course just a little longer.

Our twenty-nine players, using the very generous rain check vouchers, couldn’t wait to get on to the picturesque fairways to test themselves on this international class course and were happy when the starter sent us off about 20 minutes before our booked time.

At our previous visit here, we were rained/stormed off after the first group, that day, had just finished nine holes.

Today was initially hot and still but a nice breeze came later to make conditions pleasant. It was a small worry though, with the sky darkening as most groups were finishing, but the rain did not come or, if it did, was after we had left for home.

Although still no competition, some good scores were recorded with Phil Davies, jubilant at a return to form, scoring 37 points and equally pleased with his 37 points was Tommy Marshall.

Huw Phillips usually does well and his 36 points had him in the mix ahead of that man, Lawrie McBride, and Peter Lacey both scoring 35 points.

Darren Beavers came out of hibernation, after a number of injury worries, and enjoyed his first hit out, while George Mueller has been getting better with each game after being out with a broken leg. Colin Service went missing for quite a while but he, also, has been back for a couple of games. With no holidaymakers coming in it’s good to see we still have plenty of our golfers around town rejoining us.

Even though we started play at 10.30 am everyone completed the round in good time and all were back to Pattaya early afternoon after a satisfying day on a top golf course.