Links Golf Society…………Greenwood…A+B………..Fri .May 15………S/Ford.

Where is Tom Herrington?


Everyone was Links and in receipt of their 550 bht green fee voucher. Those in cars loaded up or had already left, and the bus was due to leave at 9.00 am. Everyone was there, that is, except Tom.

Phil phoned “where are you, it’s five to nine”. A mumbling of some unprintable words and a sound of “on my way’.

We are not sure what shortcut he took on the motor bike from Soi 12 to Links, but he arrived in time to jump in the bus.

The, now, routine health check-in at Greenwood Golf Club was simple and easy as was the service at the green fees counter, and then to the locker rooms. Yes, happily, they are open, but no showers, of course.

Our 27 golfers gathered at the marshaling area to be told that we would have a two tee start, even though we only had seven groups, but is always welcome. Groups 1 to 4 from ’A’ and groups 5 to 7 from ‘B’. We were able to start a little early and had most teed off by the booked start time.

It’s hard to remember if we have ever had a bad word to say about this course as it is always presented in very good condition. Sometimes we moan about the greens if they are sanded or having maintenance, but, by today, the maintenance had been done and they were running very truly and at good pace. The top notch condition of the course is a credit to the ground staff and management after such a long, forced layoff.

Since our washout at Laem Chabang earlier in the week we asked the weather gods if we could have lots of rain, but after we finished play. This was granted at Pattavia and, as the last group exited the eighteenth that day, the heavens opened.

We asked the gods for the same today and, once again, it was granted. The sky grew darker as all groups finished and headed off to return to Pattaya, since there are no showers.

The rain tumbled down as we drove on the motorway.

Then a phone from the bus. They were waiting for one more passenger, but no-one had realized that group 7 was still on the course. They had dropped behind and were caught in the rain, so took shelter. As they were ready to go they called a group from another society to play through so, consequently, finished much later than the rest.

Those waiting in the bus were asking “where is Tom Herrington?’ At last he boarded and they were on their way.

Next up we travel to Bangpakong which is in a different province, so perhaps have different weather gods. We will make the same request about the rain and cross fingers we have the same result.    

Counting down the days to return to competition golf, not too many more to wait, hopefully.