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Kevin LaBar Wows Them at Burapha


Kevin LaBar had a hole-in-one at Pattavia some months ago, and he will tell you about if you wish, where part of the prize from the club was a very reduced green fee for a year, so he has been looking to play that course as often as he can.

So, it came as a surprise to find Kevin LaBar on the start sheet for Burapha.

Did he have a premonition which made him sign up?

On this Monday, our first day returning to three days a week, he has taken apart this A and B combination at Burapha with a fantastic score of 45 points from his handicap of #14 to deservedly win another Green Jacket.

Peter Lacey handed in a solid 38 points and probably thought that would be the winning score, and so it would have been on another day. However, that score got him second place.

Dave Arataki has been searching for form since his return from the U.K and there have been promising signs here and there, so 36 points got him third place and showed that, maybe, he found the elusive ‘swing’.

The weather started out sunny and hot a upon our arrival, but by the time we stood on the first tee, a haze and some cloud had covered the sun and, with a nice breeze at times, was comfortable. Surprisingly, a large dark cloud hung around without threatening rain.

The course was busy with three Pattaya/Jomtien societies and, later, some Thai golfers.

The starter sent one large group to start on the B nine, so we had good pace all day, everyone finishing in under four hours.

This combination, A and B, is in good condition and the rough, as always here, is best avoided, if you can. The greens are true, but a bit ‘fluffy’ and players saw the ball roll nicely and then stop short of the hole. Not for Kevin LaBar though.

Near Pins: Peter Lacey, Kevin La Bar, Tony Browne, Steve Moxey

Winners at Burapha

1st  Place – Kevin LaBar (14 ) – 45 pts

2nd Place – Peter Lacey (12) – 38pts

3rd Place – Dave Arataki (25) – 36 pts

Best Front Nine ( non winners) – Paul Smith – 18 pts

Best Back Nine (non winners) – Len Jones  – 19 pts

Back to Links Bar nice and early and the scene was very much like the ‘old days’, before Covid, as Phil Davies and Maurice Roberts were back together after returning from their respective home countries, and a good number of golfers stayed a while.

We have been waiting since June last year to see Phil do the presentations again and, what a first one! with the first 45 point score since Derek Phillips achieved the same score, also at Burapha A and B, in September 2020.

Welcome back Phil and Joy.  Well Done Kevin LaBar.