LINKS GOLF SOCIETY…Bangpra…Wed…March.10…S/ford

Colin Service Goes The Next Step

On this Wednesday, Bangpra was a busy golf course. In addition to our four groups another PSC Society was to follow us an hour later. Then, into the afternoon, many groups of Thai golfers followed on.

Busy as it was, we were given the go ahead to start early and our first group was on their way about twenty minutes before schedule, and then had a clear run throughout.

The first two groups, four balls, were finished in a tick over three and a half hours, and the others not far behind.

Two days ago, Colin Service found some very good form to score 38 points, running second to a great score from Paul Smith.  However, this was to be his day.

Three players scored 36 points and Colin won all the countbacks to take first place and his first Green Jacket for quite a while. He was a bit reluctant to have the photo, modesty? We got the photo.

Thierry Petrement has more good games than bad ones and he has grabbed second spot due to his 36 points and then, once again, Peter Lacey was right there with his 36 points to secure third place.

We had near pins for each par 3, but the player in charge of the pins forgot to place one on the first par 3, but no-one claimed it anyway. Then we had another where nobody was on the green.

Because only two were claimed, we decided to add a fourth placing. A bonus for Dave Arataki, as he had 35 points and would have missed, originally.

 Near Pins: Mike Ehlert, Tony Browne

 Winners at Bangpra

 1st  Place – Colin Service (19) – 36 pts c/back

2nd Place – Thierry Petrement (11) – 36 pts c/back

3rd Place – Peter Lacey (11) – 36 pts

4th Place –  Dave Arataki (25) –  35 pts


Best Front Nine (non winners) – Peter Allen – 20 pts

 Best Back Nine (non winners) – Gerard Lambert – 17 pts c/back


This course is being kept in good condition with well grassed fairways and the rough, although getting a little thick is still playable. There seemed to be two or more assessments about the greens.  The first we heard was’ really very quick’, then the next we heard was ‘ not very quick’. We will leave it for debate, but, nevertheless, they are in good condition.

The radar forecast in the morning showed widespread rain coming at about 10.00 am. The rain did come, at about 1.30 pm, just as our first two groups completed the round.

The rain was short and sharp, but not heavy enough to stop play, and the thunder was away in the background.

Many players found the going difficult, for some reason, but this course has never been known for big scores. 36 points seems quite reasonable.

 Photo: Winner, Colin Service, a reluctant photo model