As many things have changed in the ‘new normal’, here are some updates for how we can obey the rules until they change.

For the first 2 weeks we will not run competition golf. It will be social golf only.

Golf courses will open locker rooms, in most cases, but will not allow showers, in all cases, which means we travel back smelly!!

We may return to Links Bar after the round, but there will be no presentations, of course, and no food or alcohol served.

However, we can meet at the Bar in the morning where breakfast will be available, while complying with social distancing rules.

By all means fill out your scorecard and we will enter into PSC or Birdie for you for handicapping. A box will be set up at the Bar for you to pop the card in.

They will be collected next morning, so if your card is not there it cannot be entered. You may wish to enter your own score.

We will post all scores on the board, on Links website and Facebook, but there will be an Opt Out available.

Because we have a limit of 5 persons per bus, the fare will need to go to 400 bht. Not so. bad as we won’t be paying comp fees.

For those playing Burapha on Wednesday, Phil will give a run down of any other things we need to know.

This is the way it is, and we will make changes as the Government makes changes.

Just for your information, below is a list from Khao Kheow. Other courses will have slight variations on this…………….

  1. Golfers must wear sanitary masks / cloth masks. And have to go through all the screening points before entering the clubhouse.
  2. 1 group can only play 4 people
  3. Do not allow followers
  4. Golfers must drive golf cars themselves. (The caddy stands behind. Do not allow caddies to drive in all cases)
  5. Photo shooting is not allowed within the stadium.
  6. The locker room is not open for use.
  7. Can order food. But not allowed to sit and eat together
  8. Must reserve the field in advance, do not accept Walk In all cases / Thank you.

See you all soon.