Kevin receives his first Green Jacket from Phil

Kevin Trimbills claim to fame with The Links was that he was the first ever winner of the dreaded wig. On Wednesday at Parichat the wig was a distant memory as Kevin won his first ever Green Jacket – 6 years after he donned the wig. His 38 points at Parichat was the only card that beat par. Michael Olah and Tony Browne returned 36 points with Michael claiming second place on count back.

                Parichat is a tricky course with many water hazards but despite the hazards, the course was in very good condition with good run and firm greens.

Unfortunately there was another accident involving one of the Links partners. On Monday, Phil fell off the back of a cart but fortunately help was at hand to help him. Steve Moxey wasn’t quite so lucky as his fall occurred in the shower and despite cries of help me – no one was prepared to go to his aid. I guess the sight of Steve floundering on the shower floor was too much for people to imagine. Apparently this isn’t the first time that Steve has had this type of accident as it happened a few months ago when he was at home. When he shouted for help from his partner Varanya, her reply was I will go and get security.


1st Place                Kevin Trimbill – 38

2nd Place               Michael Olah – 36 c/b

3rd Place               Tony Browne – 36

4th Place               Gerry Burr – 34 c/b

5th Place               Jimmy Carr – 34

NP 02                    Gang Zong

NP 06                    Mike Cole

NP  11                   Tony Browne

NP  15                   Michael Olah

BF9  N.W.            Glen Elsworth – 21

BB 9 N.W.            Gerry Sweetman – 17