Many courses have suffered from the heavy rain over the last 3-4 weeks but most, if not all, have recovered well. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for St Andrews. In its day, St Andrews was one of the best golf courses in the area and it is therefore regrettable that it has fallen into decline. With 3 courses on the complex and with limited funds and staff to care for all the courses we can only hope that St Andrews once again become the course it was renowned for.

                All 6 groups all got caught in a heavy downpour which lasted for about 30 minutes and therefore added to the already sodden conditions. In front of our groups were 3 groups from Tiawan who were painfully slow. The lead group requested for the caddies to contact the club house and send out a marshal but this fell on deaf ears.

                As for the golf, it was John Pierrel who won the Green Jacket on a count back after he, Stu Green and Nigel Henson all returned 34 points. The final podium place went to 3 handicapper Rich Fearby with 33 points.


1st Place John Pierrel – 34 c/b

2nd Place Nigel Henson – 34 c/b

3rd Place Stu Green – 34

4th Place Rich Fearby -33

NP 03 Stu Green

NP 05 Chris Barker

NP 10 Wayne Peppernell

NP 17 Petur Petursson

BF 9 Mike Ehlert 18

BB 9 Jamie Booterbaugh 20