Friday was the first medal of the year at Pattavia and we had a great turn out with 10 groups doing battle on these tricky greens.

Pattavia always look after us well and a 2 tee start got us away very quickly.

The greens were in great shape very receptive and the usual slick pace.

Todays winner ran away with it today being the only player to go under par

He’s only been back on land for a couple of weeks after being away sailing for a few months but he soon found his golf game again.

Congratulations to George Muller with a net 67 and the first medal winner of 2024!

There were 4 tied on 72 and the countbacks were very tight

But in 2nd place was my American friend and great golfer Chris Barker

3rd place was Vic Hansen who beat Dave Heyes with a game of rock paper scissors to settle their match it was that tight.

5th place went to Steve Moxey who looked odds on to win this with 4 holes to play but one wayward tee shot caused a treble bogey that then lead to a few bad holes but still a great round.

6th place went to John Docherty with a very solid 74.

Today we introduced a 2s pot back again and there were 4 winners….

John Doyle, Colm O Donovan,

Lawrie McBride and Jon Dean.

We said goodbye to Mark Sully and Speedy today thank you for your support with golf and pool you’ve been great to have around safe trip back to Wales.

1st – George Muller 67 (18)

2nd – Chris Barker 72 (13)

3rd – Vic Hansen 72 (11)

4th – Dave Heyes 72 (15)

5th – Steve Moxey 72 (12)

6th – John Docherty 74 (24)

Near pins ⛳️

John Doyle

Lawrie McBride

Colm O Donovan

Jon Dean

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