It was a hot day at Parichat for our 7 groups who teed off at 9.30. Unfortunately there were 2 x 5 ball groups in front of us which slowed things up dramatically. By the time our last group reached the turn the weather had certainly taken a turn for the worst. Dark clouds took the place of bright sunshine with thunder rumbling overhead. Thankfully the clouds cleared after about an hour and the thunder was a distant memory.

                                George Mueller has been knocking on the door in recent weeks in his quest for the Green Jacket and today his efforts came to fruition with 37 points narrowly beating Selwyn Yates on a count back.


1st Place George Mueller (17) – 37 c/b

2nd Place Selwyn Yates (8) – 37

3rd Place Mark Johnston (20) – 36

4th Place Mai (21) – 35

NP 02 Paul Hibberd

NP 06 Rob Hopson

NP 11 Quinton Murphy

NP 14 John McGee

BF9 NW Nick Aubin – 21

BB9 NW Tony Cliff – 17 c/b