51 players went to the course with probably the fastest greens on our schedule and today was no different with only 3 managing to break par. It was Thierry Petrement who came out on top with 38 points. Thierry has been off form recently but it was good to see the likeable Frenchman back on good form. Fellow countryman Michel Deletraz was runner up to Thierry in Flight A with 37 points. George Mueller headed Flight B with 37 to join Thierry and Michel as the only golfers to break par.

Also on the podiums were the Bonnie and Clyde of The Links – John Carlton and his partner Vero Morgan.

A welcome return to The Links was Phil and Joy who returned after a 3 week break.


Flight A (0-16)

1st Place Thierry Petrement (15) – 38

2nd Place Michel Deletraz (11) – 37

3rd Place John Reps (11) – 36 c/b

4th Place Nick Aubin (4) – 36

5th Place John Carlton (8) – 35

Flight B (17+)

1st Place George Mueller (17) – 37

2nd Place Vero Morgan (19) – 34

3rd Place Tommy Pearson (22) – 34

4th Place Russell Birtwistle (24) – 33

5th Place Huw Phillips (17) – 32 c/b

Near Pin 04 Andy Kelleher

Near Pin 07 Robert Cha

Near Pin 13 Nick Aubin

Near Pin 17 Bob Watson

BF9 NW Gordon Laviolette – 19

BB9 NW Nadine Goyons – 19