Francis Goyons returned 3 weeks ago and won his first Green Jacket in what was a close affair with another returnee, Niall Caven. Both returned 37 points on courses B & C. Greenwood are generally very good when it comes to giving us a 2 tee start and Wednesday was no different.

Our 9 groups enjoyed a dry day, although with little to no breeze, the temperatures were climbing.  Heavy rain over the weekend did not seem to affect the course too much and there was some run on the fairways. The greens were excellent with some players commenting that they were the best they have played in recent months.

There were reports in the area that there were severe earth tremors but everyone was relieved when they realised that it was only Phil falling off a golf cart.


1st Place                Francis Goyons – 37 c/b

2nd Place               Nial Caven – 37

3rd Place               Mike Firkin – 35 c/b

4th Place               Chris Barker – 35

5th Place               Jamie Booterbaugh – 34 c/b

6th Place               Soren Hansen – 34 c/b

NP                          Gerry Burr

NP                          Jamie Booterbaugh

NP                          Francis Goyons

NP                          Mogens Melander

BF9  N.W.            Derek Moir – 19

BB 9 N.W.            Graeme Mullins – 18 c/b