Winners of the scramble…Dave and Huw
Dave and Richie who shot a gross 10 under par
The Links Beach Boys…Keith and Vic

Once again, the monthly Links scramble proved to a huge success with 64 golfers taking part. Again, many thanks should be extended to Pattana. With the recent trials and tribulations we have gone through because of a lack of caddies, Pattana shone through with plenty of caddies and carts. Their starters are very well organised and everyone got off on time at courses A and B.

The courses were in excellent condition which were well reflected in some amazing scoring. With a par of 73, it was thought that scores of a net 67 would be a good score. Today, scores of 67 never got on the podium. The winners were Dave Heyes and Huw Phillips who came in with a net score of 60.75 playing off a handicap of 7.25.

Runners up David Rose and Richie McGhee shot a gross 10 under par 63 but their handicap of 2 saw them as runners up. A great effort it has to be said.


1st Place Dave Hayes / Huw Phillips (7.25) 60.75

2nd Place Richie McGhee / David Rose (2.00) 61.00

3rd Place  Paul Durkan / Gary Kuhnel (6.50) 61.50

4th Place Petur Petursson / Izzy (2.25) 62.75 c/b

5th Place Steve Moxey / Glen Elsworth (7.25) 62.75

6th Place Paul Gill / Rana Gurnam (8.00) 66.00