Winner of the Green Jacket, Brendan Kane, alongside recipient of the dreaded wig, Paul Stewart.

Grey clouds greeted the 33 golfers that went to Pattana with The Links but unlike Royal Lakeside on Monday, the rain stayed away and everyone got home dry. We were allocated Courses B and C with the yellow tees being selected which was still a good test of golf at 6300 yards.

                Heavy rain over the last few weeks have affected all the courses in the region and Pattana was no different with little run on the fairway. The greens however were excellent with the ball running true. For value for money, Pattana is up there with the best and their management has always been generous with The Links in offering our 9 groups 2 Tee starts.

                The last few weeks have also seen some close run events and today we had 3 players on 38 points with Brendan Kane coming out on top courtesy of a better last 6 holes. Brendan birdied the last hole which ultimately gave him the win over Mike Souden and Vee Reece. One of Vee`s playing partners, Alan White, claimed 4th place whilst one of Brendan`s playing partners, Paul Stewart, won the dreaded wig.


1st Place               Brendan Kane (38) c/b

2nd Place              Mike Souden (38) c/b

3rd Place               Vee Reece (38)

4th Place               Alan White (37) c/b

5th Place               Toby Glass (37)

6th Place               Shiro Yazawa (36)

NP B3                    Bob Watson

NP B7                    Nigel Henson

NP C2                    Darren See

NP C7                    Nigel Henson

BF9 N.W.             Mike Tottenham (19)

BB9 N.W.             Grant Pride (19) c/b

View from C2 green back to the Pattana club house