Last week Sunny Khanna won back to back Green Jackets and on Monday at Royal Lakeside, Petur Petursson did likewise following his win at Pattavia on Friday.

Nine groups made the trip up to Royal Lakeside and they were greeted with perfect golfing conditions on a pristine golf course. Last time we played Royal Lakeside it rained all day but on Monday you wouldn’t think the course had seen the heavy rain that has dogged the area recently. The fairways were immaculate with run and the greens lightning fast. The fact that The Links took 35 golfers to Royal Lakeside shows the high regard The Links has for such a great golf course.

As for the golf, as mentioned, Petur Petursson won his consecutive Green Jacket thanks in the main to a wonderful 2 under par back nine. Second and fourth places went to regular podium winners Sunny Khanna and Jimmy Carr with Nigel Henson splitting them to finish 3rd.


1st Place                Petur Petursson – 40     

2nd Place               Sunny Khanna – 38

3rd Place               Nigel Henson – 37           

4th Place               Jimmy Carr – 36

5th Place               Wayne Peppernell – 35

6th Place               Kevin Timbrill – 34 c/b

NP 03                    Derek Hutchinson

NP 06                    Gerry Burr

NP  12                   Michael Cole

NP  15                   Paul Anderson

BF9  N.W.            Chris Barker – 19 c/b

BB 9 N.W.            Tony Cliff – 18