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 Colin Smith Rises To The Top


Colin Smith, the happy Welshman, is having a wonderful holiday here in Pattaya. He has also been playing very good, consistent golf. So much so that his win today takes him to the top of the leaderboard in our “Golfer of the Month.”

Although this Eastern Star course is in great condition, the best most can remember it, many found it tough going. Why?

It wasn’t the course, nor an issue with weather.

The fairways are well grassed and mown, greens are quite quick. One in our group thought they varied from one green to another, but generally they ran well, except my ball didn’t know how to get into the hole..

Apart from the first three placings, scores were pretty ordinary, in that 5 of the players had 26 pts.

But it was Colin Smith and his new found buddy, the also very consistent Bob Watson, racing away from the others, both scoring 35 points, with Colin doing better on the back nine. It seems the Watson name figures somewhere in the results a lot lately.

Greg Gawron is not a name that arises very often in the results, but today he managed a respectable 33 points to take third spot on the podium.

Only 14 players today, so three places and Best Nines are in play.


Best Front Nine (non winners)….Adam Barton…16 pts.

Best Back Nine (non winners)….Steve Hughes…18 pts.


..Winner …….Colin Smith (13)…………35 pts  c/back 

 2nd Place……..Bob Watson (5)…………..35 pts 

 3rd Place……..Greg Gawron (17)……….33 pts.

Back to Links Bar early and Macaroni Balls ?? Different.!.followed by Beef Stew.

Colin was stoked to finally get in to that Green Jacket after being close a number of times.

Not often we have a Lady playing at “Links”, unfortunately, but today Vero Morgan was with us. She was so happy to have her photo taken wearing the “Wig”, really?? But it does look good.

Like Bob Watson, she is determined not to do it again.

.  Colin loves his new Jacket.




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