PSC Golf ..Pattaya Links Golf Society…Treasure Hill..Fri..Sept.29..S/ford



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  Finally, A Green Jacket For Johnno


There are so many fine golf courses in our area and we are lucky enough to get to most of them at some point.

One of the best is Treasure Hill. Many believe it is just too hard for them, and tend to stay away. But they are missing out, and particularly today, as the course was presented in, probably, the best condition we can remember.

Stand on any tee, take a second to look around ( not too long), and soak up the view. Manicured Tee boxes, beautifully cut fairways and greens that are back to their absolute best. And still priced at 1150 bht all in.

What more could you want? Oh! Nice weather,  and we got it.

Disappointingly, only 9 players signed up for today’s game. We were the only group at the course. Why? The place should be overrun. However, good for us, as our first two groups completed the round in 3 hrs 15 mins. Good going.

Even with the small field, we played three places.

After wearing the “Wig” on too many occasions, John Anderson finally did well enough to take first place and wear the Green Jacket for the first time. Only 33 points was enough on a low scoring day.

During presentations, Phil Davies was surprised as he read out his own name as second spot, with just 30 points.

A dash in and dash out visitor, Michael Lohse, put together 28 points for third.


Winner ………………….John Anderson (30)………33 pts

      2nd Place………………Phil Davies (13)…………..30pts

      3rd Place………………Michael Lhose (4)…………28pts

Simon Niven, back here on a short break is a good golfer. His handicap of 11 is well earned. But, everyone has their day, and today Simon had the worst score he can remember, and became the latest to don the “wig”. He was comparing notes with newcomer, John Conway, as to who might get it..

Small numbers, but another fine day of golf at a nice golf course.


.Special Note.. The Links Cup returns next month at Burapha on Wednesday Oct.4

                        Don’t miss it. Plenty of prizes to be won..




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