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Colin Survives Ball Attacks


They came back with some horror stories of golf ball attacks!

Our second group out had some stories to tell. One wayward shot crashed through a palm tree, hit another tree, bounced back to the fairway and landed in a cart and became stuck under the pedal. ( unplayable??)

Later, another shot went astray which had caddies and golfers diving for cover as the incoming ball hit another golf cart. Happy to report no injuries occurred.

Pattavia Century is quickly becoming a go to course. At 1350 bht for Green Fee, Caddy, Cart for a golf course presented in such wonderful condition this is great value, and in line with the nearby neighbours..

Here, as at the other courses in this area off the 331, the fairways are well grassed and should you get into the rough, you are not severely punished.

The greens are always the talking point here. Today we found they had recently been cored and sanded, but pretty much settled now.

The lightning speed we became scared of is now more sedate and absolutely playable.

A field of 16 players arrived in two mini buses and a car on a, once again, hot steamy morning. Some relief came late in the round as the dark clouds began to assemble overhead and create a wisp of breeze. Luckily we stayed dry as the round was completed in just on four hours.

Colin Service has the best of both worlds. Recently he got to wear the “wig” for recording the lowest score of the day. This time he has come out on top of the heap to proudly don the Green Jacket with a score of 37 points.

Livio Marrone, having his first game with us popped into second place with 35 points off his low handicap of #5.

Ron Matthews, like Colin, has his ups and downs. On Monday the worst score of the round, today he collected third place with 33 points. Ah! Golf.

Maurice Roberts rounded off the podium finishers in fourth with 32 points.


All four near pins were claimed.

Gary Bolger (4), Livio Marrone (7), Maurice Roberts (13), Nigel Harrison (17)


Best Front Nine ( non winners)        Tip Briney             19 pts

Best Back Nine ( non winners)         Claude Grossi.      16 pts


 Winner            Colin Service (20)            37 pts

2nd Place          Livio Marrone (5)            35 pts

3rd Place          Ron Matthews (12)          33 pts

4th Place          Maurice Roberts (13)      32 pts c/back


Phil is still away, basking in a balmy 15 deg. Celsius in Wales, so the presenting duties fell again to Len.

The “wig” stayed in the bag, but the Booby Bevvy was awarded for the lowest score, paid for by Len and gratefully accepted by Mike Firkin, in leiu of the real winner who had already departed for Bangkok.

The Green Jacket is a size too big for Colin





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