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Phil Davies Beats Pattana Again!


It could be the first signs of the end of the Low season for golfers. Pattaya Links Golf has welcomed a total of 144 players to the tee for five games in ten days.

There are certainly plenty of golfers around right now, as our two trips to Laem Chabang brought out a total of 85 starters.

Today we played another quality Golf Course in Pattana, at a very good sports day price for green fee. Still low season pricing, and we are not going to miss the opportunity.

Now for the pleasurable, but difficult part.

We have used so many words to describe how good this course is, I am scratching for some new way to say how beautiful are the freshly cut fairways, or the speed and true run of the greens, or even the pleasant, comfortable weather. The rough is not as punishing as some other courses, and there are enough challenges for anyone.

When we arrive at the front door of the magnificent Clubhouse we are greeted by a lovely lady with a beaming, welcoming smile.

She then positions herself at the top of the stairs to direct all to the locker room, and this locker room is clean and most importantly, spacious. No getting friendly with your buddy  here, as per some others.

So, with a golf course in such great condition, how did we score?

Three weeks ago we played at Pattana and Phil Davies wore the Green Jacket after scoring 40 points.

Could we now call him the Pattana Specialist?  as today he once again took all before him, this time with magnificent 42 points. Yes, in case you ask, his projected handicap has lowered..

Then there was a log jam for second place with a four way tie. Some diligence was needed for the count backs, as all scored an impressive 38 points.

Winning second spot was Wayne Peppernell from Terry Mangan in third and Derek Phillips taking fourth. The unfortunate one to miss was “hot and cold” Tip Briney.

However, Tip had a small consolation by winning Best Front Nine with 21 points.

Maurice Roberts scored the Best Back Nine with 19 points.


Near Pins: Jay Burns (A3), James Hudson (A8), Tom Herrington (B3), Tommy Marshall (B7)


Winner …………..Phil Davies (12)………………….42 pts

2nd Place…………Wayne Peppernell (16)………38 pts c/back

3rd Place………….Terry Mangan (24)……………38 pts c/back

4th Place………….Derek Phillips (19)…………….38 pts c/back


Phil had great delight in announcing the winner and presenting himself with the Green Jacket.

As the player with the worst score didn’t make it back to the Bar, NO WIG again today.

It seems that when you play a quality course, it brings out your best game. Today 18 of our 24 players scored 30 points or better for an average of 32 points.




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