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It’s a One-Two for The Welsh


It was a day of surprises for the 24 Links golfers who made their way to Eastern Star Golf Course after an absence of a month.

The first surprise was being charged only 1250 bht for green fee/caddy/cart as The Course had vouchers for sale at 500 bht  green fee. ( to be purchased in blocks of ten).  Nice.

The next surprise was finding the locker rooms in somewhat disarray as major renovations take place. This is not unwelcome, as although the Clubhouse is modern, clean and inviting, the locker room has appeared to hark back to a time gone by with lockers barely able to fit the “stuff” golfers carry these days.

As the players gathered at the first tee the next surprise came for one Caddy. She realized that she and her ‘Farang’ for the day were the only ones walking! Not happy.

So, as described to me, the caddy “shamed” Derek Phillips into going back to get a cart. It was not explained to me how she did this..

Another surprise came when Phil decided to “give the boys a break” and play from the short yellow tees at 6100 yds. after opting for the longer white tees at Bangpakong earlier in the week.

Then, as the first group reached the green, they were surprised to find that the greens today were quick, very quick.. and as it turned out they were pretty much the same all the way. The good golfers will find a way to adjust.

There were, however, no surprises when Phil Davies announced himself as the winner of the day.

His form for the past few weeks has been first class and today’s 39 points was yet another reminder of that form and that he is a pretty good golfer.

Colin Smith hails from the same part of the world as Phil, so much so that they sound uncannily alike. Maybe all Welshmen sound like them?

Colin followed Phil home today with a fine 37 points. Colin takes a week or two to run into form on each visit, watch out for him in the Green Jacket soon.

Two days ago, Wayne Peppernell wore the “wig” because of having the worst score of the day. As with many before him, it spurs them into action so that it never happens again.

This time Wayne has scored 36 points to take third spot, winning a three-way countback, beating Steve Baker and Mike Firkin.

Mike just missed fourth place with his best score this trip. He has played his final game for now and leaves for home, Australia, on a high.


Near Pins: Colin Smith (3), Colm O’Donovan (6), Paul Smith (13), Phil Davies (17)


Winner ………..Phil Davies (12)………………39 pts

2nd Place……….Colin Smith (14)………………37pts

3rd Place………..Wayne Peppernell(16)…….36 pts. c/back

4th Place………..Steve Baker (20)…………….36 pts  c/back


Best Front Nine (non winners)………Chris Walsh……19 pts

Best back Nine 9 non winners)………Colin Service….20 pts


Once again the weather was overcast and breezy to make for a comfortable day out.

Eastern Star is a course in very good condition right now, so we are looking to next time, and how the locker room has progressed.

Oh, Oh.! Nearly forgot the “wig”..and we are sure Toby Glass thought we’d forgotten. Sorry Toby..


Photo at Top” Phil with Toby Glass and “wig”





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